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Pramasana, and why you need it!

Do you ever wake up, and brush your hair only to find pieces of what looks like dried cream of wheat on your shoulders? Or have an itchy scalp so bad that you feel like a dog? Maybe you have a greasy bang problem and you just can’t use enough dry shampoo to fix it!

I am sure you have tried multiple shampoos to try and get these problems under control. None of them seem to work, and may have caused even more damage to your hair and hair color!

Beautiful Hair = Healthy Scalp

Healthy Scalp = Happiness

If you have impurities of the scalp like I have described then Pramasana is right for you!

The dandruff, excess oil, and itchiness is just your scalp saying "I am stressed out! Help Me". When you get a Pramasana Scalp Treatment it is practically a facial for the scalp! It has formulated ingredients to balance, strengthen, and protect against pollution and free radicals. Aveda has packed this new scalp care line with seaweed extract, lactobacillus, and tamanu oil to create the greatest experience not only for your scalp and hair, but for you!

The Pramasana experience is one that you will definitely be wanting more of. The service involves an incredibly long massage session lasting through the shampoo and masque treatment to cleanse and nourish. Following with the scalp concentrate for protection and balance. The service is then finished with a relaxing blow-out for a healthy scalp and happy, soft, shiny hair.

Treat yourself to this Awakening Scalp Experience and rid yourself of stress and a flakey unhealthy scalp!

Schedule your appointment today and check out for more information!

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Cleanse your scalp, shampoo is for hair.

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