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AVEDA Summer Essentials

Aveda Summer Essentials

So it’s already August but you’re wondering when you’re finally going to adjust to the warm weather. Between swimming all day and sun burns you feel like your hair and skin are never going to forgive you. You’ve been vacationing, going on day trips and planning family activities. It’s exhausting, your beauty routine however shouldn't be. Below we've compiled a list of Aveda products that are essential for a stress free summer experience! From haircare to skincare and everything in between there’s sure to be something you can put in your vacation bag.

1. Brilliant Damage Control ($21)

This Lightweight conditioning spray that can detangle hair while providing UV and thermal protection. The best part is you will never feel greasy or weighed down with Damage Control. If you’ve been utilizing that backyard pool this summer you need Damage Control in your life — it will protect your hair from chlorine damage.

2. Be Curly Curl Enhancer ($25)

Curl Enhancer is the perfect product for people with curly hair who just want to wash and go. This conditioning cream provides moisture and shine while eliminating frizz and evening out irregular curl patterns. If you love your curls, look no further and please — put the blowdryer down!

3. Dry Remedy Oil ($30)

This liquid gold is highly concentrated with maximum conditioning benefits. Just a few drops will eliminate frizz caused by humidity and moisturize sad hair thats been scorched by summer sun. You can keep this gem in your beauty bag all year round; it’ll help keep your hair from going through a slump during the season’s change.

4. Tinted Moisture ($30)

A jack of all trades, Aveda Tinted Moisture provides light to buildable coverage of blemishes and skin imperfections while protecting the skin from UV damage with SPF 15.

It provides all day moisture to parched summer skin without feeling greasy or looking oily. It’s super simple to apply and your pores will thank you for it later!

5. Smooth Infusion Nourishing Styling Cream ($26)

Ideal for the person who wants smooth shiny hair without the blow dryer, Nourishing Styling Cream tames frizz and detangles giving you soft touchable hair without needing to use hot tools or changing natural texture. This is the perfect on the go summer product.

BONUS: Daily Light Guard ($42)

Our strongest UVA/UVB protection for your face without feeling heavy. Daily Light guard has got you covered with 100% mineral derived sunscreens and plant derived pollution protection. It may be worn alone or underneath makeup. Non-acnegenic and perfect for all skin types its a must have for your summer travel bag.

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