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Tips for more organized make-up! Part 1.

We’ve all been there, swept off of our feet by the prettiest shade of eyeshadow you’ve ever seen. It’s not in a pallet though, it came just in it’s own compact. Like Aveda's Petal Essence Single and Triple Eye Colors, perhaps it just includes a metal pan to conserve packaging. Whether you’ve obtained all of these single shadow shades by purchasing them one by one, or if you’re like me and am subscribed to 2 monthly beauty sample websites and have a constant flow of the cutest single paned shadows, I have the solution for your cluttered needs.

Listen up ladies, because what I am about to reveal will blow you mind! The secret cosmetic companies won't tell you is that any single eyeshadow shade can be easily freed from its compact in 2 very easy steps.

All you’ll need is:

  • A Blow dryer

  • A Butter Knife

First thing is first, you’ll need a blow dryer to help loosen the glue holding your single shade into the compact. Flip your favorite eyeshadow shade upside down on a paper towel (so as not to damage it) and, using your blow dryer on a medium to low setting, gently heat the back side of the compact. When done properly this should cause no damage to your actual eyeshadow. As the compact heats up the glue that bonds the metal pan to the compact will be softened allowing you to remove it! After about 20 seconds of heat the butter knife comes into effect. You will pry within the gap between the pan and the plastic compact with the butter knife, careful not to damage the eyeshadow pigment. By using slow and steady movements the pan will just pop right on out!

Once you have yourself a little collection of metal panned single eyeshadows, you will need one of the AVEDA reusable compacts. Depending on how many shadows you have will determine the size of compact you will need. If you have only a few single shades, you would want to look for an “essentials” AVEDA compact($22), this will hold up to 5 shades depending on the size of their pans; it also has a convenient slot for your favorite AVEDA lip color! If you’re somewhere in the middle, your best bet would be to use a “total face” AVEDA compact($16), this specific compact will hold between 8-10 pans, again depending on your shades’ pan size. Now, if you’re an eyeshadow hoarder like I am, you’re going to want to invest in in the “professional” AVEDA compact($28), which will store up to 18 eyeshadow shades depending on the size of their pans! Each AVEDA environmental compact is made on 30% post-consumer recycled and 20% post-industrial recycled aluminum! They come with a built in magnet that will securely hold all of your metal panned shadows and are nice and sleek for travel as well. Without all of that extra packaging of your single shades, you could cut down on clutter by over 50%!!

I like to use an old cleaned out candle jar for my mascara, eyeliner, brushes, and brow pencils. With a little hot water soaking, it’s easy to get the remainder of wax out of your jars and run them through the dishwasher to get them sparkling clean! Depending on how many brushes you have, you may want to use a separate jar for your makeup brushes. But your mascaras, eyeliner, and brow pencils should all be able to coexist in one jar. The glass jars really make things look nice and sophisticated, and cost you nothing! We all have a candle or two lying around the house.

With just a little organizing you can go from a cluttered mess of product, to a nice display of your beauty products!

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