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Knowing what we're made of

Samantha Hittle and Michael Lee

| Sam and Michael |

| Student and Educator |

We proudly grow our own service providers. In our 9-month Masters Degree Program our staff learn the techniques and trends to excel behind the chair and also build strong connections with our team and their educator.

"We're blessed to watch our team excel and grow. We are seriously committed to taking young stylist under our wing and teaching them everything we know about hair. It's about a lot more than giving back." Says salon owner and stylist Gordon. "Making the salon a fun environment that supports learning and continuing education is one of our top priorities."

"Reliable. Quirky. Passionate." If you know Sam, you know that these truly describe her. We think she has a bright future in our salon company. Although she is just starting to see success behind the chair she has shown interest in coaching and mentoring the Associate Stylists who have come in after her. We can see her growing into a role model and educator down the road.

Help us congratulate Sam Hittle on her promotion to Level 1 Stylist. As a graduate of our Master Degree Program she is a unique part of our brand, uniquely Aquaria and is already so accomplished!

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