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Dry or damaged? How to tell the difference.

Did you know many women mistakenly think their hair is damaged when it is actually dry? Treating dry hair with products meant to prevent or reverse the signs of damage may have little to no benefit for dry hair. So how do we know the difference? Keep reading to find out!

What is dry hair? Well, most hair dries after you shower, right? The 'dry' we're talking about is a feeling. If your hair feels straw-like or rough to the touch, if it tangles easily or has a lot of frizz your hair is most likely dry. Dry hair can also have a dull and lack-luster appearance. Dry hair is caused by a compromised cuticle layer in the hair.

Here is where it gets tricky — because damaged hair has all of the same traits as dry hair. But damaged hair is missing something important. Professional stylists call it elasticity. Simply put, elasticity is the ability of your hair to return to it's natural shape when wet. Hair has this trait because it is built with strong proteins that stretch but don't easily break — unless your hair is damaged. Damaged hair lacks the essential proteins that keep your hair strong.

So it feels dry, but is it damaged? It is important to be able to tell the difference to be able to treat hair with results. Our professionals at Aquaria use a strand test to determine the quality of the hair strand. You can perform a quick strand test at home to determining whether your hair is dry or damaged by following the steps below:

Step 1. Separate out a single strand of hair, wet it with a spray bottle until it is saturated.

Step 2. Grasp with your thumb and forefinger tightly near the scalp with one hand, and about 10 inches down the strand with the other.

Step 3. Hold the hair taunt and stretch the strand of hair, healthy hair can stretch up to 50% of its natural length!

Step 4. Release the strand of hair and watch for it to return to its normal length.

If your hair returns to normal it has perfect elasticity, meaning that you hair is dry. Try using products that add moisture like Aveda's Dry Remedy™ Shampoo and Conditioner. 93% of women agreed their hair felt immediately moisturized and soft after using the dry remedy™ system.

If your hair has difficulty returning to its natural length, or worse yet broke during the process it is damaged. Damage can have many causes from daily blow drying to over processing with chemicals. You will need to restore the internal structure of your hair by using products that deliver protein and amino acids into the cortex like Aveda's Damage Remedy™ Shampoo and Conditioner.

If you aren't sure if your hair is dry or damaged a quick trip to see a salon professional can help. After completing a thorough scalp and hair analysis, our stylists can recommend a professional in salon treatment personalize for you. Our botanical hair therapies use aryuveda and nature to moisturize and repair hair for instant results that last. Try adding a botanical hair therapy to your next chemical service for longer lasting color that shines from the inside.

Dry or damaged hair can be a drag. Don't let it get you down this summer!

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