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Our 8 favorite Beautifying Rituals

Aveda Beautifying Composition

Right now we can't get enough of Aveda's Beautifying Composition, and while we love it all year-round we especially appreciate it when the seasons are changing. We are obsessed with it's balancing aroma and multiple uses and we thought we would share our 8 favorite ways to use Aveda's Beautifying Composition to add beauty to our everyday life.

1. Use it as a leave in conditioning treatment: add a few drops to your scalp and comb though to restore shine and luster to dry hair strands. Let the oil soak in over night, and rinse in the morning. Beautifying is made with certified organic oils that improve hair's condition and texture.

2. To restore dry hands and feet: massage oil into hands and feet to relieve dryness and add seal in moisture. Especially great during flip-flop season!

3. Add a few drops to boost your daily facial moisturizer or body lotion. Yes, you can also use beautifying alone as a facial moisturizer!

4. Use as a massage oil for your scalp, neck and shoulders. The amazing aroma of bergamot, lavender and rosemary will help dissolve stress and improve your mood.

5. Use as a makeup remover. The jojoba oil in the composition helps to loosen even stubborn water-proof mascara!

6. Use to moisturize cuticles! A must-have for someone whose hands spend a lot of time in water.

7. Use as eye treatment: add a few drops of beautifying before bed to prevent dryness and wrinkles.

8. Use it to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy: apply to your abdomen and any other worry areas twice a day to help prevent stretch marks and keep skin supple!

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