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Moisturize Dry Hair by 41% Instantly!

We've been using the New Dry Remedy Daily Moisturizing Oil for a few months now in the salon and our clients have been raving about the results! It is a 99.9% naturally derived oil that moisturizes dry, brittle hair by 41% - instantly! What is not to love? It is not heavy because it is formulated without silicones or plastic derivatives, so if you have fine hair fear not - this oil is weightless! For fine hair we recommend using 2 drops on damp hair. For normal to thick hair types use 2 drops wet and 2 drops to finish the look when hair has dried.

The secret to it's success is the Patented Deep Moisture Complex that delivers moisture straight into the hair strand. It quenches dry, brittle hair and is perfect for all hair types. Its aroma of organic bergamot, lavender and ginger lily smells fantastic and compliments the entire Dry Remedy Line.

You can try it today, just stop into the salon and receive a complimentary sample while supplies last. The new and improved Dry Remedy line of products, including the oil, will be on shelves by January 1st, but you can preorder now! Call 716-372-0376 to have us reserve your bottle!

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