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Smooth the way with minimized pores. This lightweight, fast-absorbing serum, powered by a fusion of sweet clover stem cells and plant-derived beta hydroxy acid, instantly unclogs and minimizes the appearance of pores.


Discover plant-powered skin care with clinical results. 97% naturally derived* vegan, cruelty free serum instantly unclogs and minimizes the appearance of pores.

Sweet Clover: Over 10,000 stem cells are infused into each serum to help purify and tighten pores, and helps increase epidermal thickness.

Plant-Derived Beta Hydroxy Acid: Beta hydroxy acid, a salicylic acid naturally derived from the leaf of wintergreen, penetrates pores to break apart impurities.

Clinical Results:
• 90% of panelists demonstrated a significant improvement in purified pores after four weeks**

Mineral Oil
Animal Derived Ingredients

For all skin types—normal, dry, combination and oily.

Features Aveda’s Own Pure-Fume™ Aroma with Mimosa, Certified Organic Lemon and Grapefruit.


USAGE:Apply a.m. and p.m. before moisturizing.

Botanical Kinetics Pore Refiner 30Ml

SKU: 018084029916
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