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Alyse Tavano, Salon Coordinator

Alyse Tavano, Salon Coordinator

Alyse is a welcoming part of the Aquaria Salon team. On even our busiest days she makes the time to deliver care with a personal touch to each guest. One of her many duties in the salon is making sure that each guest leaves with a great experience and a smile.

Because of her many contributions and achievements during her time in our company we are proud to announce her promotion! The position of Salon Coordinator requires wearing many hats. She has proven her ability to bring value to our guests, assist our professional stylists, be a campaigner for the company as well as sometimes personal assistant to the owner.

"Alyse's influence at Aquaria can't be understated. Her kindness and spirit helped grow our Salon, and I know we wouldn't be here without her! Everyone who knows Alyse knows that she impress the lives of everyone she touches. I am thankful to call her my friend."

-Gordon, Owner

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