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Our Ayurvedic Influence - The Chakra Connection

Greetings Aquarians!

Thank you for all of your support in making 2017 start with a BANG! We’ve been busy on our mission to provide excellent service and results to our wonderfully loyal clientele, as well as any newcomer who had just happened to walk in! We’ve introduced many local folks to the wonderful world of Aveda, as well as making wonderful personal connections within our community. It’s been a wild ride so far, and looks to only get better. But before it gets too crazy (Spring seems to be right on the way, and who doesn’t need their hair done then?!) I’d like to take a moment to educate about my favorite aspect of Aveda.

Aveda, as a company, has it’s core beliefs rooted in Ayurvedic medicine. Ayurveda is an ancient system of wellness that dates back farther than 3,000 years! This holistic approach to wellness is taken into account with every product Aveda produces. WOW! Aside from the many hair care and skin care regiments Aveda offers, there exists and entire aromatherapy line many of our clients may not be familiar with. It’s on the shelf, and some of it smells good, but what is it really offering?

I’ll tell you what it offers: Balance.

Alright, I may be sounding a bit cryptic here, but a basic understanding of the core ayurvedic systems is necessary to pick up what I’m putting down here when I refer to “balance”.

Our bodies contain 7 major chakras that regulate the flow of energy within our bodies. The sanskrit word “chakra” literally translates to “wheel”, so you can imagine them as metaphysical gears, allowing for optimal energy flow within our bodies. Our chakras line up our spine from its base, to the crown of our head, each giving off a specific color, emanating from our bodies to produce what is called an aura. We can’t see our auras, but we certainly feel them. When one is well balanced, our aura shines bright and we feel a great refreshing love for life, ourselves, and everything. People respond well to us, feeling the energy we give off, and genuinely enjoying it. It’s when we are most attractive. It’s when we are able to lift others’ spirits from basic small interactions. Well-balanced chakras make for fantastic days.

Now, we can’t be balanced all the time. The world is clearly not harmonious enough for that to be to be the case. When a chakra is out of balance, this is where stress comes from. This is where doubt in ourselves comes from, and even where sickness may come from. Typically, we all may have a chakra or two out of balance every day. Our aura isn’t always beaming, we aren’t always feeling the euphoria of genuine laughter. Our thoughts get preoccupied with the negativity of life and responsibilities we hold.

BUT, that’s where the Ayurvedic wellness system comes in, and where Aveda really proves itself in being a wellness business, beyond a basic haircare business. Now, you can look very deep into what Ayurveda can offer you, from diet suggestions, to meditative practices, and a whole slew of practices to help improve our love for life, but for this moment, I’d like to make note of the aromatherapy line Aveda offers.

Yes, using the power of flower and plant extracts, Aveda produces plenty of naturally calming and relaxing scents that have been clinically proven to reduce stress. Now, the most notable aroma line we carry, the line that personally made me fall in love with Aveda, is that of the chakra scents. So, if we recap, there are 7 major chakras in the body lining our spine, each with a specific color emanating from itself, to produces our body’s aura. Now, certain foods help balance certain chakras, certain colors can help balance our chakras, and even certain scents are capable of helping us find balance. That’s where the chakra scents come in. Whatever might be ailing you, this system may be able to help! And by completely natural means at that!

If you’d like to know more, or bear any interest in the Ayurvedic system of wellness, as well as Aveda’s hand in making it easily accessible to you and me, stop in at Aquaria Salon and ask about a chakra journey. They only take about 5 minutes, and could really be a solid step in becoming a more well balanced being!

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