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3rd Annual Cut-A-Thon

Aquaria Salon 2016 Cut-A-Thon

During Earth Month we try our hardest to raise awareness for environmental issues. The environment is close to everyone's heart and is essential in so many ways. We often take for granted the fact that in America our water is clean, or that in New York our hills are beautifully covered in forrest. However, without an effort to preserve our state and nations natural beauty all of it could be lost! Climate change coupled with pollution threaten wildlife, the environment and ultimately our quality of life.

On April 2th you can join us to make a statement! Our cut-a-thon will run from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. or to the last cut! Your $10 donation will benefit the Environmental Advocates of New York who work to preserve the beauty of our state. Over the last two years we have raised hundreds of dollars in support of local environmental issues! This year we hope with your help to make the biggest impact we can!

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