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The New Dry-Remedy is Revealed

Our shipment of Aveda's NEW Dry-Remedy line just came in and is now on shelves. We've been pretty excited to get our hands on the full line ever since we got to play with the Daily Moisturizing Oil and here are our thoughts:

Improved Consistency:

No more carpal tunnel from trying to squeeze out the last bits of product from the tube. The consistency of Dry Remedy shampoo and conditioner are more in line with what people wanted, Aveda listened! It suds better and emulsifies easily in your hands!

Improved Aroma:

Don't get me wrong, I loved the aroma of the old Dry Remedy... in fact I stocked up on what was left when it went on clearance. It had an earthy, organic smell that was hard to describe but so delectable! The new Dry Remedy has organic lavender, ginger lily and clove and smells absolutely fantastic. It is warm and relaxing and the aroma fills the entire bathroom when used. So amazing! It doesn't really compare to the old formula, in fact it's in a league of its own!


Aveda has kept its patent-pending moisturizing complex of Buriti oil and Pomegranate which moisturizes from the inside and is really what we love about this product. What's new is how the product leaves your hair feeling immediately after you use it. It detangles your hair easily with just the shampoo! It gives your hair good 'slip' and your fingers easily get through the entire length of it, no more breakage when you try to comb or brush! Just soft, manageable and moisturized hair.

Clinically Tested:

Aveda walks the talk, and they never make a claim that isn't proven and tested. Over 90% of women who used the system in a clinical trial agreed their hair felt more moisturized.


As always Aveda is an innovator in Eco-Awareness and sustainability. The packaging of the new Dry Remedy contains no virgin plastics! It is post consumer recycled plastic AND bio-plastic, derived from sugar beets! This is a new technology that can make plastic from plant products, INCREDIBLE!

Aveda has really out done themselves with this line, and all of us are hands down impressed! It instantly moisturizes, adds super shine to your glossy locks and is made of pure plant derived ingredients. No sulfates, no parabens, no silicons. Just pure moisture, and thats what we love!

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