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What's so great about Naturally Straight?

Aveda continues to be a hair innovator with it's newest Smooth Infusion family member Naturally Straight. Naturally Straight does just what it says, it straightens hair naturally without chemicals! 97% of people noticed a reduction in curl after the first use, but for best results it is recommended to use it for 5 consecutive days. The product doesn't wash out on the first shampoo and it can keep your hair straight for up to three days after it's first use!

So who is this product for? It is made all people with a curl pattern in their hair. From a light wave to springy curls. If you wear your hair straight and want to keep it that way this product is for you.

How do you use it? The Aveda professional for textured hair, Tippi Shorter, recommends taking your hair into a pony tail at the base of your neck with your fore-finger and thumb creating a circle. The size of the circle your fingers create is the amount of product you need to apply! Super simple! Put it on freshly washed and conditioned hair and blow-dry out. Flat-Iron if needed for a weightless natural straight look that will last!

PRO TIPS: Apply to damp hair for best results. Be sure to towel dry your hair thoroughly so as not to dilute the product to much! Also, people with very long, dense hair will get better results if they apply in sections. Part your hair down the center and apply half of the recommended product on one side, and then the other. Comb through for an even application!

What will you love about this product? It does what it says, keeping your hair straight day after day! It has a beautiful aroma of citrus that isn't too overwhelming. It uses naturally derived plant and flower ingredients to straighten your hair, without chemicals. It is safe on all hair types and protects the hair from heat when you style!

Naturally straight is one shelves by June 1st, and samples are in the salon! Get yours free while they last and help your hair outlast summer!

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