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Submit your contact information to ensure you receive the first available appointment when we reopen in LATE JUNE. You will receive a call as soon as the first appointments are available.

*We do not sell or share your information.

If you are looking to change your look, your service provider will request a virtual consultation before your visit. This allows both of you to share a goal for your visit. (Via Zoom)
What changes have you made to your hair since our last visit? (Absolutely no judgement!)
I understand that my salon visit may take up to an additional 15-30 minutes due to sanitation guidelines and extra services needed.
I understand I will need to wait in my vehicle until a team member calls or texts me to invite me into the salon.
To expedite the service, I will arrive with clean, dry hair styled how I normally wear my hair. (Shampooed within 24 hours is fine.)
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