Select any additional services you'd like to discuss with your stylist
Due to government restrictions which limit appointmet availability a $20 deposit is required to reserve an appointment
Would you like to discuss pricing with you service provider?
If you are looking to change your look, your service provider will request a virtual consultation before your visit. This allows both of you to share a goal for your visit. (Via Zoom)
What changes have you made to your hair since our last visit? (Absolutely no judgement!)
I understand that my salon visit may take up to an additional 15-30 minutes due to sanitation guidelines and extra services needed.
When arriving for your appointment please call the salon to check-in from your car before entering the building
Due to government restrictions on reduced building capacity I understand that I should arrive alone to my appointment
I understand a mask will be required for the entire duration of my visit. I will bring my own or we will provide one for you for $1 fee.
I understand that hair color might get on my mask(s) We suggest bringing your least favorite fabric mask or a disposable one.
I agree to wash my hands when I arrive at the salon and to only bring essential items with me. (payment method, phone and beverage.)
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